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The Songwriters’ Storybook - part 1

October 29, 2016

Playlist: Episode #665

This is a special (for now) podcast only pre-recorded episode of the show! I've been thinking about this cool idea for a long time, and the time was finally right to put it all together. This one will surely air on UMFM at some point, but for now, enjoy it here, and only here!

My favourite kind of songs are the ones where a writer paints a picture and tells a story so vivid that I can see it and feel it. If you can transport me to another place in 3.5 minutes, you're some kind of magician! So a lot of my very favourite songs are full of vivid scenes, characters, and tales, and this show is full of those! Sit back and spend some time with The Songwriters' Storybook!


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