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Steel Belted Radio - September 20, 2007 - part 1 - Steve Forbert

September 20, 2007

I couldn't make it into the studio this week, but I couldn't take the risk that one you might accidentally miss out on the great shows going on this weekend, so I put together a 90 minute infomercial designed to help you avoid certain embarrassment in case you missed out.

In the first part of the show we take a listen to an interview I did with the legendary Steve Forbert a couple of years ago before he played the Folk Festival. He's coming back to town on Saturday for what is sure to be a great show.

In the second part of the show we travel back in time again to 2004 when Winnipeg's own Scott Nolan dropped by to chat and play some songs that were new then and just now seeing the light of day on his brand new record which will be released on Friday at the WECC. As if that weren't exciting enough, he's bringing along his producer and friend, the legendary Gurf Morlix!


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