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Steel Belted Radio, June 15, 2006 - part 1

June 15, 2006

Featuring a very special appearance by legendary Winnipeg singer/songwriter, Jeffrey Hatcher. Hatcher is responsible for a huge number of amazing songs with bands The Fuse, The Six, The Big Beat, and with hugely influential country band The Blue Shadows with Billy Cowsill. Hatcher's been away from the spotlight and the stage for almost a decade now. He dropped by to fill us in on his amazing career and to tell us about the very important work he's doing now as a music therapist. Although I felt really ill-prepared (a communication breakdown had me thinking that he was coming on TTBTGH the following Sunday, so I had no notes or discs to play, which made me feel like a total moron) and I was a bit star-struck by this amazing songwriter sitting across from me, I'm pretty proud of this interview as one of my favourites in a while.


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