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November 11, 2007 - part 1

November 11, 2007

Episode #235

Too many themes to fit into two hours, we super-sized the show today and took over for Bluegrass Guy who took the holiday off, pushing the show to three hours, and I still ran out of time!

First up, it would be inappropriate not to recognize Remembrance Day by playing some songs about soldiers & war, but more importantly, we played some songs about peace.

Coming up next weekend some Winnipeg all-stars pay tribute to an under-appreciated Canadian songwriter/musician legend, David Essig. Essig will be in town to play alongside The D. Rangers, Romi Mayes, and more as they launch the homegrown Essig tribute record, Beverley Street on Saturday. So, a brief lesson in all things Essig with some songs he's played on, produced, and written.

November 12 is Neil Young's birthday, and our friends at the High & Lonesome Club have been celebrating in style with a weekend of amazing Neil Young music in Neilfest, and we relived some of it with our own set of Neil classics and covers.


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