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July 9, 2006 - (rerun of May 30, 2004) - part 1

July 9, 2006

I love doing this show and I try to take it as seriously as possible and always work hard for you. I always try to make sure there's a good show on the air every Sunday (it may or not be mine, but there's always options ;~)) But this week, the show on sure ain't gonna be live. Folk Fest is on! You didn't think I was going to come in on Folk Fest weekend, did you? And since all good listeners should be at Folk Fest anyway (except for Allison and Art, who are excused but who should try to come out some year), I'm not putting together a new show. Instead, we'll fire up the TTBTGH time machine again and travel way back to May 30, 2004. It's a good show and it's all put together right there for me (yeah, I'm lazy.)

Here's what I had to say about the show at the time:

Pretaped. Part of the second annual Tell the Band to Go Home Invitational Event, where I invite other local music fans to come and program the show. This year, there were twice as many weeks to pretape, so more guests and more fun. I always learn a lot by inviting new people to play songs on the show. Just when I think I know just about everything about singer/songwriters, I’m humbled by the talents of my guests. This week, I was off with my co-hosts on Steel Belted Free Range Radio ( to see Steve Forbert at Hugh’s Room in Toronto. What a road trip.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, through the miracle of modern digital recording, I was joined on the show by Jenny Western, host of Hit the Big Wide Strum, Pal, CKUW 95.9 fm’s weekly bluegrass program. Judging by her appearance this week, she knows a heck of a lot more than just bluegrass.


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