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July 15, 2007 - part 1

July 15, 2007

Episode #219

First up, a tribute to the legendary Royal Albert Arms, Winnipeg's dingiest and scariest, but perhaps most important music venue. The music community was stunned recently by the announcement that The Albert is being turned into condos for hipster yuppies. Sad. Very, very sad.

Next up, a chat with a guy who has played the Albert a few times, Devin Latimer of one of Winnipeg's finest bands, Nathan. He's got a new gig now as Artistic Director of the Trout Forest Music Festival in August, and he's assembled a stellar lineup of TTBTGH faves, so we had to have him on to brag and let us know how cool this festival is going to be.

Then, a look ahead at this year's only local concert by one of Winnipeg's finest, Greg Macpherson. Also, a look back at this year's Folk Festival.

And, as if that weren't enough, some great new music!


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