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January 6, 2008 - part 1

January 6, 2008

Episode #243

Just when you think you've settled on your Best of the year list, you spend some more time with a few late-comers and rethink the whole darn thing, as a few overlooked 2007 contenders proved off the top of the show.

Then, a brief sappy interlude.

With all of the Best of the year preparations and whatnot, a lot of new music gets sadly overlooked, but now that things are calm again, it's time to dig into the TTBTGH mailbag for a look at a few fine discs that have been sent our way as of late.

Then, a live, in-studio visit by one of Winnipeg's best, and the artist responsible for one of the best discs of 2007, Scott Nolan, who dropped by to chat and play some amazing new songs. Somehow, he just gets better, and he was damn good to start out with!


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