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December 5, 2021 part 1

December 5, 2021

Episode #917

Sitting down to record this episode, I learned of the death of an iconic music fan in Winnipeg. We are blessed with an incredibly strong music scene in Winnipeg, but it's not just the musicians that make it magical, it's the venues and passionate fans that make it all possible. Well known among musicians, venue owners, and passionate fans, John Hak was one of the most visible and unique music lovers in town. Always down in the front row, dressed in yellow, clutching a notebook and dancing like only he could, John brought a lot of passion and spirit and touched a lot of lives. Today's show, and our dance party finale, is dedicated to him. Appropriately, there's a lot of great local music to come this week on stage and we'll preview a bunch of it. We've also got some new finds from Bandcamp Day and even a few festive favourites.


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