September 30, 2007 - part 1 - 5th Anniversary Party

September 30, 2007

Episode #229 – Happy Birthday TTBTGH

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Tell the Band to Go Home with some of the best & worst of what's come so far. Featuring classic moments that I'd rather forget from my very first on-air hosting opportunity in 2001, and some moments from this show's predecessor, The Songwriters' Circle, including my interview with the now rock star John Mayer from 2002. We also heard how the show kicked off, Sept. 29, 2002 with a performance by Kris Demeanor and Chantal Vitalis live in the studio.

And we have some very interesting stats which tell us who the most played artists, songs, and albums over the past 5 years have been.


September 23, 2007 - part 1 - Dala

September 23, 2007

Episode #228

Featuring an interview with one of the members of a very promising young duo named Dala. Their fine new album got me to thinking about the wealth of great new material by female singer/songwriters this year.

Also, a few love songs in honour of those of us who have found out that occasionally they’re true, and especially for a couple of our favourite listeners who are celebrating their 17th anniversary.


Steel Belted Radio - September 20, 2007 - part 1 - Steve Forbert

September 20, 2007

I couldn't make it into the studio this week, but I couldn't take the risk that one you might accidentally miss out on the great shows going on this weekend, so I put together a 90 minute infomercial designed to help you avoid certain embarrassment in case you missed out.

In the first part of the show we take a listen to an interview I did with the legendary Steve Forbert a couple of years ago before he played the Folk Festival. He's coming back to town on Saturday for what is sure to be a great show.

In the second part of the show we travel back in time again to 2004 when Winnipeg's own Scott Nolan dropped by to chat and play some songs that were new then and just now seeing the light of day on his brand new record which will be released on Friday at the WECC. As if that weren't exciting enough, he's bringing along his producer and friend, the legendary Gurf Morlix!


September 16, 2007 - part 1

September 16, 2007

Episode #227

What we like to do best on this show is tell you about new music you just have to hear, and upcoming shows you just have to attend, and today we had the best of both worlds, with new music from the likes of Dala, Shuyler Jansen, Steve Earle, and the fabulous Catherine MacLellan, and some amazing upcoming shows next weekend featuring Scott Nolan/Gurf Morlix and Steve Forbert!


September 9, 2007 - part 1

September 9, 2007

Episode #226

First up, some stellar new music from a lady who, after just one listen, was guaranteed to be on my top 10 list for this year. Then, a look at one of those songwriters who I've heard of plenty, but never actually heard.

For the last hour, some pleasures that you don't have to feel guilty about. I went to see Crowded House in concert, and for a brief while, I thought maybe I should feel guilty about that. HA! The audience was a who's who of music in this town, and I knew right then that not all 80s pop music is bad. So, for an hour or so, we heard some pop music (and interesting covers of pop music) that you don't have to feel guilty about liking.