July 23, 2017 - part 1

August 15, 2017

Episode #700

Today on the show we take a trip back to New York, preview the return of one of our favourite bands of all at the upcoming Canada Games celebration, and throw on some great classics!

playlist: http://wp.me/p1lizT-deE


July 16, 2017 - part 1

July 17, 2017

Episode #699

Today we've got some exciting shows past and present to discuss, as well as some new music and some requests.

playlist: http://wp.me/p1lizT-dek


July 9, 2017 - I <3 NY - part 1

July 17, 2017

Episode #698

Today a journey to the iconic city of New York, New York! There are so many songs about The Big Apple that we could spend a whole day and not get through half of them, but we’ll do our best to pull out some of the gems and tour around the city in song!

playlist: http://wp.me/p1lizT-deb


July 2, 2017 - part 1 - Canada Day Special

July 17, 2017

Episode #697

July 2, 2001, marked the beginning of my hosting career at UMFM when I hosted my very first show, which was a Canada Day special. Since then, Canadian music has always been the backbone of my shows, but it’s always nice to focus exclusively on Canadian music once in a while, especially around Canada Day. So here’s (almost) 2 hours of great Canadian music, as we take a musical road trip with stops in every province and territory!

playlist: http://wp.me/p1lizT-de9


June 25, 2017 - part 1

June 26, 2017

Episode #696

On this episode we've got plenty of new music and a couple of exciting upcoming shows to preview. We also hear some music introduced to me by my wonderful European friends, and we explore the glory of some much loved and lamented Toronto bands and listen to what their leaders are up to today!

playlist: http://wp.me/p1lizT-de3