December 24, 2017 - part 1 - Christmas Eve Super Special

December 28, 2017

Episode #721

It was Christmas Eve babe
In the studio
A DJ said to me, here's another one
And then he played some songs for the season...


December 17, 2017 - part 1

December 22, 2017

Episode #720

It is Christmas time, but we don't like to overdo the festive hits too much just yet (we'll wait until next week's 4 hour Christmas Eve show!), but we've got some of the greats this week, as well as some requests, a look back at last night's John Gorka show, some requests, classics, and a tribute to a fallen favourite, Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens.


December 10, 2017 - part 1

December 10, 2017

Episode #719

Folks are starting to make their annual best-of lists, and while we like to take our time with those over here (sometimes a year or more...), it's wise to scan the good lists and learn about some new artists or revisit albums that we haven't spent enough time with. Today we meet some exciting new finds, revisit some contenders, discuss some exciting upcoming shows, and spin some all-time Christmas classics!


December 3, 2017 - part 1 - w/Keri Latimer

December 5, 2017

Episode #718

Last week's chat with Stephen Stanley got us thinking about his producer, bandmate, label head, and friend Chris Brown. He just happens to have a swell new album of his own, so we invited him to chat on today's show. We also caught up with Keri Latimer about the vicious rumours about our house band's demise and their upcoming show alongside those D. Rangers, and we still had time for some new music, requests, and dedications.