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June 13, 2021 - part 1

June 13, 2021

We've got more birthdays to cover today, including one of our biggest supporters and best friends, a pile of great new music, some rare UK requests and more!

playlist: (website troubles this week)

The Damnwells - cinco de mayo - demo


Christina Martin - Daisy - I Can Too - CDN

Leeroy Stagger - Carol - Solo Acoustic (Volume 1) - CDN

Joe Nolan - Looking For Your Heart - live recording - CDN

Charlie Whitten - Who'll Take My Place - Hey Love

The Wynntown Marshals - The End of the Golden Age - The End of the Golden Age

John Blek - Long Strand - On Ether & Air


Joe Nolan - Solid Gold - Scrapper - CDN

James McMurtry - Canola Fields - The Horses and the Hounds

Colin Linden - 4 Cars - Blow - CDN

Willie Nile - Blood On Your Hands (Featuring Steve Earle) - The Day the Earth Stood Still

Ryan Adams - Power - Big Colors


Bob Schneider - Boys You Like - In A Roomful of Blood With A Sleeping Tiger


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