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July 14, 2019 - Special Guest Spectacular - part 1

July 14, 2019

Episode #796

This episode is another one of those timeless standby episodes that you might hear again sometime when I can't make it down to the station and I'm not able to provide something all-new. Hopefully, you'll agree that the music in here is so great that you won't mind revisiting this episode down the road.

This episode is called the Special Guest Spectacular because every song features some kind of special guest sitting in with another artist or band. Every once in a while you catch one artist singing backup or doing a duet or playing a solo on someone else's song, and this show collects a whole bunch of those. We also dip our toes into the extensive well of special guest appearances by the Canadian and American queens of such appearances!

Note: Unfortunately there are a few little audio hiccups that appeared during recording. Technical difficulties are entirely ours.


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