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January 27, 2008 - part 1

January 27, 2008

Episode #246

Pretaped this week as I'm off on vacation in Florida. In honour of that, a few songs related to that journey.

There are a couple of great shows coming up this week, starting off with a lovely lady named Kim Barlow who hails from the Yukon but is visiting us on Tuesday, January 29 at the West End. We checked out some of her great material.

Then after that, on Thursday, January 31, one of my favourite live performers and one of the most powerful and passionate singer/songwriters alive today, <strong>Martyn Joseph</strong> returns to Winnipeg. I've interviewed Martyn a number of times but it was shocking to learn that it's been almost 4 years since I talked to him last in February of 2004. I can't be here to interview him live this week, so we listened back to that interview.


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