Tell the Band to Go Home/Steel Belted Radio Podcasts

August 4, 2019 - part 1

July 31, 2019

Episode #799

We're off for the long weekend this weekend, and I'll bet that some of our listeners are as well, so here's a rare, advance listen to a new pre-recorded episode! Tune in Sunday afternoon if you can but if you're headed out for the weekend, here's the podcast to load up and take with you!

This show features another pile of new and new-to-me music as well as a look at some exciting upcoming shows including a long look at my favourite North American festival of them all, the Trout Forest Music Festival, happening August 9-11 in lovely Ear Falls, Ontario! (

Our next new episode will be episode 800! Wow! That's a lot of great music! Should we party? Take a look back at the first 800? Just roll on with great music like we always do? Tune in next week (or the week after...) and find out!


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