August 26, 2018 - part 1

August 26, 2018

Episode #754

Today a new song leads us off on a path through some hick/hip-hop, but it was fun, and if you don't agree, blame Bob! In hour two we get back on track with some requests, some great songs uncovered, and a bunch more great classics that we haven't heard for a while.


August 19, 2018 - part 1

August 19, 2018

Episode #753

Fresh off another fabulous Trout Forest Music Festival, we've got some highlights to discuss, a road trip to look forward to, an exciting house concert to announce, and some special requests from Germany and our live studio audience today!


August 12, 2018 - part 1 - Cavalcade of Classic Hits!

August 12, 2018

Episode #752

Today on the show we revisit some super solid classics that we used to have in heavy rotation years ago, but don't listen to nearly enough anymore, and boy, are there some great ones! We're calling this our Cavalcade of Classic Hits for good reason; it's packed full of great classic songs that you will absolutely love revisiting or hearing for the first time!

The music on this one is soo good that we're calling it one of our timeless “standby” episodes that you may hear again someday, but the music is so good that you won’t mind a bit!


August 5, 2018 - part 1

August 7, 2018

Episode #751

Today a tribute to one of my favourite summer activities, cycling, even though my trip to the station didn't go exactly as planned today. We also discuss some great festivals past and future, and play a pile of German listener requests!