June 10, 2018 - part 1

June 14, 2018

Episode #743

This weekend marks the anniversary of the first two Static Roots Festivals hosted by longtime friend and supporter of this program, Mr. Festival Director Dietmar Leibecke. We called to wish him a happy birthday and chat about this year's festival, which is happening next month. We've got plenty of Static Roots artists, past and present, as well as some new (and some new-to-me) music, as well as some great requests and more!

playlist: https://wp.me/p1lizT-dkw


June 3, 2018 - part 1

June 6, 2018

Episode #742

Winnipeg rules, as the recent debut of home-town supergroup Middle of Nowhere proved once again! We've got a big set of MoN love to kick things off, before treading into new music, requests, some rockin' classics, and more!

playlist: https://wp.me/p1lizT-dkr


May 27, 2018 - part 1

May 30, 2018

Episode #741

Another rambling episode with some new music, a couple of visits with old friends, some great requests, a look at Winnipeg’s newest supergroup, a set of rockin’ classics to close things off, and more!

playlist: http://tellthebandtogohome.com/2018/05/28/playlist-episode-741-may-27-2018/


May 13, 2018 - part 1

May 13, 2018

Episode #740

A rambling episode full of great music, just the way mom likes it! (Well, I hope she likes it, anyway.) Today we've got a few (questionable) "mother" songs, a heaping pile of amazing new music, and a sad farewell to another great talent gone too soon.

playlist: https://wp.me/p1lizT-dk9


May 6, 2018 - part 1

May 12, 2018

Episode #739

Today we’ve got a pile of great new music, some requests, some great concerts to discuss, and a set of Steel Belted-style rockin’ classics. Good stuff!

playlist: http://tellthebandtogohome.com/2018/05/07/playlist-episode-739-may-6-2018/