July 9, 2017 - I <3 NY - part 1

July 17, 2017

Episode #698

Today a journey to the iconic city of New York, New York! There are so many songs about The Big Apple that we could spend a whole day and not get through half of them, but we’ll do our best to pull out some of the gems and tour around the city in song!

playlist: http://wp.me/p1lizT-deb


July 2, 2017 - part 1 - Canada Day Special

July 17, 2017

Episode #697

July 2, 2001, marked the beginning of my hosting career at UMFM when I hosted my very first show, which was a Canada Day special. Since then, Canadian music has always been the backbone of my shows, but it’s always nice to focus exclusively on Canadian music once in a while, especially around Canada Day. So here’s (almost) 2 hours of great Canadian music, as we take a musical road trip with stops in every province and territory!

playlist: http://wp.me/p1lizT-de9


Steel Belted Radio’s Last Ride - June 1, 2017

June 6, 2017

Steel Belted Radio’s last hoorah! We kicked things off on September 11, 2003, and with the help of some great co-hosts and amazing guests, we managed to keep rolling until June 1, 2017. It was a hell of a lot of fun. On this, the last episode, the longest-serving co-hosts, T-Bar & KK made a surprise appearance, and just like the old days, we played some new music, classics from back-in-the-day, some out there T-Bar picks, and heard a pile of T-Bar’s jokes. Thanks to everyone who tuned in to this episode or any of the 650 or so that came before it. We were blessed to have some amazing support and encouragement over the years. We wish Skippy all the best as he takes over and makes Thursdays his own.

playlist: http://tellthebandtogohome.com/sbfrrnew/playlist-june-1-2017-the-last-hoorah/


Steel Belted Radio - April 20, 2017 - part 1

April 30, 2017

Today the news (and our hearts) broke about Jimmy Lafave's terminal cancer diagnosis. Jimmy has been a favourite and a guiding force for years, so we're taking this one kind of hard. We console ourselves with plenty of Jimmy's music today, before picking things up with some new & fun music.

playlist: http://wp.me/p2sGGb-2ZA


March 19, 2017 - part 1 - R.I.P. Chuck Berry

March 22, 2017

Episode #683

Today we pay tribute to the music and legacy of Chuck Berry and look forward to my favourite weekend of the year, The Trout Forest Music Festival in August. Festival AD Devin Latimer and his second in command, son Oscar stop by to tell us all about it!

playlist: http://wp.me/p1lizT-dcm


Steel Belted Radio - Feb. 9, 2017 - Allison Green’s Birthday Party! - part 1

February 20, 2017

Today, a special show in honour of a special listener! It's Allison Green's birthday, and she's been one of the most devoted and encouraging supporters of this show. She listens online from Victoria, BC almost every single week, and has done so since the very beginning. Her musical tastes match ours so well that it was easy and an absolute pleasure to play a show full of artists that she loves, supports, and in some cases, has introduced us to! Happy Birthday!

playlist: http://wp.me/p1lizT-dbR